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***me happy AF*** I know I said I would make a more in detail password protected post about our childhood. That just isn’t me. I’m an over sharing fool. So if you read my last post then here is a... Continue Reading →

All In

Cody walked through the door & as I greeted him I was a little “too excited” *insert eye roll* whatever that means.  This afternoon as I poured my 7th/ish cup of coffee which is basically ½ creamer  ½ coffee I like... Continue Reading →

Burn. It. Down.

I’m not sure how one could always pick their abuser over others but she does. Not being caught in that cycle is one of the most self-satisfying choices I could have made.  Not to be talked to like a dog,... Continue Reading →

Fitness Goddess, Almost. 

There was a time they say I had a wild side at least a country mile wide (yes, sang just like Brooks and Dunn). I was so carefree and my actions showed it for the most part. Well being an... Continue Reading →


I'm not sure what season of life you're in. Newly dating, newlyweds, new parents, new job, or newly single. There's always a season we're treading through.   For me, we have a baby. She will be one on May 12th,... Continue Reading →

Just ONE Minute 

As a parent you somewhere between that first sweet beautiful cry and the their cute first word you begin to wonder when your first "alone time" will be. Theres always something to do. Someone always wants something. So at 4:05... Continue Reading →


Welcome to a youthful 27!! Happy belated birthday to myself! I've been going back and forth with what to write about lately so I'm going to go with this..   As I enter my "late" 20's I've never felt more... Continue Reading →


I know I’ve made a few posts about de-cluttering junk. I am however going to go there again so stay with me. First off if you have not watched the minimalist stop reading this and go turn it on RIGHT... Continue Reading →

About Time

OH MAN! It has been a minute! Sooo lets see! First off we started a diet called Keto (low carb high fat diet and zero sugar). It actually worked well! We both lost nine pounds in the span of about... Continue Reading →

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